The Challenges of Vinyl Installation

Posted on: Thursday October 31, 2019

The Challenges of Vinyl Installation 3In this particular case the challenge was to wrap new vinyl with tile print over the old tile to create an new look for concessions at American Airlines Center. The problem being that the old tile impression would show through. We had to devise a way to cover the old tile to keep the impression from showing, distracting the look of the new tile print.

The solution was to cover the existing tile with sheets of 3mm PVC. This was a challenge in itself because the PVC had to be cut by hand onsite. To do this we took the measurements from the survey, cut the pieces close to the size panels we needed in the shop and then made the final cut outs for light sockets and other obstacles onsite.

The Challenges of Vinyl Installation 4Once we had the vinyl printed and PVC cut we could schedule with the onsite maintenance crew to have the electrical outlets and monitors removed. This step was critical and had to be coordinated perfectly to insure that when the installers arrived they could begin work right away.

Getting all of the materials and tools into the location was also a difficult task as there had to be many trips made back and forth from the vehicle into the location. Once we had everything in the location we could begin custom hand cutting the PVC. Panel by panel the PVC would be installed onto the existing tile with VHB tape and silicone. Between each panel we applied caulk to cover the seem. After the PVC had been installed on the wall, we would begin installing the vinyl.

With the precise engineering, coordination and installation this job was a success. The customer was very pleased with the final product.


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