First Impressions Matter: Don’t Miss an Important Opportunity to Showcase Your Property with a Professional, Branded Digital Map

Posted on: Monday November 16, 2020

“Don’t lose that map, it’s the only copy we have!”  

Is that something you’ve heard in your office? Do you guard your property map under lock and key because you’ve only got one hard copy? Are you tired of making copy after copy after copy — each time losing a little more quality and clarity of the image — because all you’re working with is a single hard copy of your property map? Or perhaps all you have to offer prospective tenants is a hand-drawn map. 

This is no way to attract new tenants. And, in a time when many apartment complexes are only offering self-guided tours due to COVID-19, it is critical that you have an updated, clear and professional digital map of your property. 

Still not sure if this will make a difference or not? Here are the top 3 reasons marketers believe this is important: 

1. First impressions count.
2. Your competitors are doing it – don’t be left behind.
3. A digital file is easily distributed across all digital platforms. 

      If you’re ready to up your game, FSGS can help you. We’ll digitize your property map so you can print copies directly from the electronic file, or even send a PDF copy to your prospective tenants via digital platforms such as text or email.  

      Through our digital maps service, we can: 

      1. Take your existing maps and digitize them, ensuring they are completely up to date with any renovations and changes to your property, including building and apartment numbers.
      2. Provide you with a branded, high-resolution, editable file in multiple file types (.eps, .jpg, .png and .pdf).
      3. Stop the embarrassment of referring your potential tenants to poor-quality materials. 

          What happens if someone spills coffee on the only available copy of your property map? Or if that single copy gets lost or damaged? What then? These are silly, yet costly, mistakes that don’t reflect positively on your business. 

          Enhance your apartment marketing with a digital map designed for both print and digital platforms, including your website. Getting your map digitized through a marketing agency may take a month or more, but FSGS will provide a quick turnaround, digitizing your map in just five business days. Our cost-effective solution will ensure you’re never caught in one of these “what if” scenarios. 

          Our design team will provide you with a professional map with cohesive branding to not just get the job done, but to leave a great first impression with your prospects. This simple, small project can make a big difference when your potential tenants are considering which property to call home. Contact us today to learn more about how you can showcase your property in a professional way with our digital maps service. 


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