More Than an Afterthought: Why You Should Start Planning Property Signs Before Construction Begins

Posted on: Tuesday October 13, 2020

More Than an Afterthought: Why You Should Start Planning Property Signs Before Construction Begins 4

After months of construction, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your property in preparation for opening. Landscaping and curb appeal? Check. Exterior fixtures, lighting and fencing? Check. Parking garage striped? Check.

Installation of signs should also be on this list. But don’t wait until near the end of the project to begin planning wayfinding and business building signs. Planning and design of all property signs should begin even before you break ground on the project.

With FSGS, you aren’t using one agency for design and another for fabrication, allowing details to get lost in translation. Bring FSGS in as your signs partner during the concept and planning stages of your project and we will handle all the steps—from design to installation—ensuring every sign on the property ties into your overall vision for the project.

Sign Programming Services at FSGS

Programming Services at FSGS begin with a review of all architectural drawings and blueprints of new construction projects before they begin. Our experienced design team will take an inventory of all necessary signs and propose where each sign needs to go, applying sign types to appropriate rooms that provide both wayfinding and room use information.

We identify all messaging, placement, sizes, quantities, and locations, while keeping in mind visibility and all compliance issues. By providing FSGS with floorplans, elevations, finish boards and paint colors, our experienced team is able to draw from existing plans and propose signs that tie into the project and reflect the vision of the client and architect. With FSGS Programming Services, your signs aren’t just an afterthought, but a carefully thought-out and planned element of design.

Making signs an early consideration in any construction project is good for the project budget, too. FSGS will keep all budget considerations, including for fabrication and installation, in mind while creating designs. Because we handle all the steps of the process, we know what the cost of each step will be and will propose sign programming that fits within the overall project budget.

More Than an Afterthought: Why You Should Start Planning Property Signs Before Construction Begins 5

See for Yourself: Saigebrook Development

Saigebrook Development specializes in providing first-class affordable and workforce housing communities for families and seniors. As their chosen signs partner, FSGS provides programming for each of the client’s new construction projects. To date, we have planned, designed, fabricated, and installed signs for five senior living properties: Everly Plaza,The Abali, Sunset at Fash, Cielo Place and Vi Collina.

Three to six months ahead of the start of construction, our team is brought in to review all plans and begin the proposal for the new Saigebrook property’s signs, allowing ample time to program, design, permit, and fabricate all apartment building signs. Saigebrook’s custom monument signs are installed while construction is still ongoing to serve as a means of marketing and awareness for the new community. Interior signs are installed as the project nears completion.

FSGS Programming Services ensure your signs are not an afterthought that only add stress and interrupt project flow. Once construction begins, FSGS has designs ready to go, ensuring a smooth process from start to completion.


The FSGS Advantage

The FSGS team brings a unique set of talent and experience that truly sets us above the competition. Our turn-key solutions by expert industry professionals, knowledge of city ordinances, manufacturing, and management allows us to work efficiently and effectively.

More Than an Afterthought: Why You Should Start Planning Property Signs Before Construction Begins 6

Jerod Bowers, Design Director, holds his degree in graphic design with an architectural background, allowing him to speak the language of General Contractors and architects. He has experience on all sides of the project: architectural, fabrication and installation.

Jerod is able to look at drawings or walk through a space and quickly determine the decision-making points that require wayfinding signs. He is also skilled at drawing to scale and considering the design and construction of a building to understand how the signs will work with all planned architectural systems.

With Jerod and the FSGS team working on your project, you can rest assured that no sign will be missed, and every consideration will be made in regard to budget and project vision. Our goal is to make you look good. Entrust your signs programming to FSGS and let us handle the hassle.

More Than an Afterthought: Why You Should Start Planning Property Signs Before Construction Begins 7

Don’t wait until the walls are up to start thinking about signs. Bring FSGS in from the beginning so all signs are incorporated in the overall project, matching brand, style and flow of the property. Contact us today to learn more about our Programming Services.


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