How to Select the Perfect Letter Height for Your Sign

Posted on: Tuesday January 14, 2020

How to Select the Perfect Letter Height for Your Sign 4Your letter height is the size of your sign’s letters. When ordering custom signs, you’ll need to know the location of the sign, the letter height you want, and the color and font for the letters. A lot goes into determining the perfect letter height, considering it affects your curb appeal and your foot traffic. Our goal at FSGS is to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

FSGS’ Letter Visibility Chart is a formula (in the form or an easy-to-use table) that determines the best height for optimal visibility. It shows the maximal distance from which your sign can be read, so you can determine if the size is adequate for location visibility.

As a rule of thumb, each inch of letter height gives the sign an additional 10 feet of readability. For example, if you want your sign to be seen from 100 feet away, you will need 10-inch letters. Refer to the chart on the right to select the best size for your needs.

How much visibility do you need? Here are 3 additional factors to consider when selecting signage:

  1. Sign Location

Where will your sign be placed? Knowing the exact plan for your sign can help you determine the best letter height. If your location can be seen from the road, you’ll want the letters to be large enough for drivers to see. If your sign will be inside a mall or not facing the roads, you’ll need to determine who your viewers are and the distance they’ll be from your sign.

  1. Colors

Colors are another factor affecting visibility. Contrast is key. You want to select a color that will contrast with the background behind the letters. If your building is white or tan, black, blue or red letters will stand out. If the background is dark, white letters will pop better. Contrast makes text more readable, which is why it matters just as much as the size you choose. In fact, visibility distance can vary by as much as 10 percent, depending on the colors that make up the text and background.

  1. Letter Font 

Finally, the font of your letters affects their readability, and in turn, the distance at which they lose their visibility. You’ll want a font that’s easy to read at any distance, but particularly from further away.

Choosing the Right Letter Height for Your Custom Signs

Many considerations go into designing custom signs for your business. Make the biggest impact possible by grabbing attention from afar. Using the visibility chart will help you with your decision. And of course, our team at FSGS is happy to help you make the best selection.


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