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    The Permitting Process Explained

    The purpose of a sign permit is to make sure the sign follows local zoning, building, and electrical codes as well as performed by a licensed and registered contractor. Every city and state has different regulations and requires different paperwork, but overall the items listed below can give you an idea of what they are looking for. Read about what you need and can expect during the permitting process.

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  • Letter Visibility 2

    How to Select the Perfect Letter Height for Your Sign

    Your letter height is the size of your sign's letters. When ordering custom signs, you'll need to know the location of the sign, the letter height you want, and the color and font for the letters. FSGS' Letter Visibility Chart is a formula (in the form or an easy-to-use table) that determines the best height for optimal visibility.

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  • WhatsApp Image

    Feature Your Mission Statement And Core Values with Custom Wall Decals

    Custom wall graphics and decals are perfect for displaying your business standards in the conference room, lobbies, work areas, hallways, break rooms and every blank space in between.

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  • btinusefixed

    FSGS Reaches Higher with Lillie Knox Investment Award & New Bucket Truck

    We’ve purchased a bucket truck. This modern work horse has an attached aerial lift that helps us safely reach areas that would be dangerous or even impossible with a ladder. If you’ve ever looked at a spot on your building and thought, it would be great to have a sign there… now, you can!

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  • Indu -Lilli Knox Award

    Congratulations to Indu Sanka and FSGS for winning the 2019 Lillie Knox Investment Award!

    Congratulations to our CEO, Indu Sanka and FSGS for winning the 2019 Lillie Knox Investment Award! This prestigious award is given by the Women’s Business Council, Southwest (WBCS), an organization which facilitates mutually beneficial procurement opportunities among Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) and Sustaining (Corporate) Members.

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  • Freeze_Warning_Image_for_Email

    Custom freeze warning signs. Ready within 24 hours.

    Temperatures are dropping fast in Texas. Freezes not only can endanger the safety of your residents but also cost you thousands in potential busted pipes and water damage. Protect your community with freeze...

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  • Club

    Renovating Existing Monument Signs

    Outdoor monument signs are large freestanding exterior signs used to identify a business, multifamily property or commercial property. Often mounted on a pillared base they can be illuminated or non-lit. They are the first impression to a client or tenant, offer a high-end...

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  • Right wall & back

    The Challenges of Vinyl Installation

    In this particular case the challenge was to wrap new vinyl with tile print over the old tile to create an new look for concessions at American Airlines Center. The problem being that the old tile impression would show through. We had to devise a way to cover the old tile to keep the...

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  • Timber-Monument-Before-After

    Re-Branding Signage Uplifts Your Asset

    The rebranding process is not an easy one. Multiple parties working along with graphic artists developing an updated look for a property may seem endless. But it is imperative for creating a successful new and fresh look for your property. At FSGS, we’re always excited to...

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  • VehicleGraphics32

    ROI on Fleet Wraps

    If you have a vehicle that you use for business purpose and you are not using it for advertising, you are leaving money on the table. Studies have shown that you can reach a larger audience with a vehicle wrap than almost any other form of advertising...

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